Anne Heche Downed Vodka and Wine Before Her Horrifying High-Speed Crash; Said She was Rocked by a 'Very Bad Day'

Anne Heche's admission to having had vodka and wine before she crashed her car into a building has created buzz on social media platforms. Her detractors have lambasted her for "drinking and driving" saying that she is a bad example for the youth.

During her podcast which was posted hours before her crash, Heche was slurring as she admitted that she was "rocked" by a "very bad day", thus was downing vodka and wine.

Anne Hache

Anne Hache Should Rebuild the House that She Destroyed

A report published by the New York Post referred to Heche's statement "We each have a bottle in front of us because our friends sent us a bottle Re:Find!" she said triumphantly, noting how she once "even did a terrible commercial" for the company. Also, Heche's co-host then quipped about how a doctor had told them "that we should be drinking vodka instead of wine." "And we listened! And we are drinking it — with wine chasers," Heche said, laughing as she slurred so heavily she even got wrong the name of their podcast, the report stated further.

A faction of social media followers has slammed Heche for being irresponsible and destroying a house, endangering the lives of the houseowners who had a very narrow escape and lost all their precious possessions, and household items.

A Twitter user wrote, "A woman's house is destroyed, bc of Anne Heche's actions. She should be forced to pay for a new home, for that poor woman & her pets to live in."

Another user shared, "Anne Heche 'drank vodka' with 'wine chasers' in podcast posted before 'horrific' Los Angeles crash THE ER SHOULD HAVE DONE LAB WORK THAT WILL SHOW HER ALCOHOL LEVEL/ HAS SHE BEEN LEGALLY CHARGED?"

"This gets complicated. Actress #AnneHeche badly hurt after crashing into a house. Story reeks of DWI. Friends hoping for her recovery are fine; some have sparked anger by referring to this "tragedy that happened to you," which ignores her responsibility," read a tweet.