Anne Hathaway's new film Colossal is about a monster rampaging South Korea

Colossal is about the unique story of a woman who develops a psychic connection with a giant monster rampaging through Seoul.

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Anne Hathaway's new role in offbeat comedy movie Colossal brings out the unique story of a woman who develops a psychic connection with a giant monster rampaging through Seoul, South Korea. The teaser of the upcoming movie reveals that Hathaway's character Gloria finds out that a monster has attacked Seoul and later she comes to know that she has a connection with what has happened.

Colossal is Nacho Vigalonodo's new film which was last year screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Anne Hathaway plays the role of an alcoholic woman. The film also stars Jason Sudeikis and Dan Stevens. It got mixed reviews in the Toronto film festival.

The movie revolves around Gloria and the monster rampaging Seoul's most recognizable neighborhoods like Gangnam, Hongdae and others. The connection between the monster and Gloria is allegedly bizarre and hilarious. And, the connection of the lead actress with the rampaging monster is one of craziest twists.

According to the Guardian report, when the actress was asked about the role that 'toxic masculinity' plays within the plot of the film, she said: "I'm glad that you used the word 'toxic', because it's very important to say that it's very different from male energy."

The actress further added: "Male energy is beautiful. Male energy is welcome. Male energy is necessary. Male energy is half the reason why we're here. That said, there has been a perversion of the beauty of male energy into this macho ideal that I don't think services anybody ... In terms of my new movie, what our director was saying was that he thinks this energy really has no place in our world any more."

The trailer of this new film is out and the movie is to be released in April 2017.

This article was first published on January 28, 2017