Anna Geary reveals she suffered a horrific wardrobe malfunction while visiting a pharmacist

Anna Geary reveals she suffered a horrific wardrobe malfunction when she stepped out to visit a pharmacist

The RTE star Anna Geary revealed that she suffered from a horrific wardrobe malfunction as she stepped out of her house to a visit a pharmacist entered the store, the staff got more than they bargained for. In a long Instagram post, she stated that she wore a blue and black wrap dress, but unfortunately the tie on the dress came undone, leaving little to the imagination.

''So, fun fact of the day,' she started. ''I was walking into a chemist this morning, looked down and suddenly realised that my dress had snapped. You know the wrap over? I walked into the chemist and, thankfully, I'm wearing a vest top and tights, completely just blowing in the wind. Thank god I had a coat. Safety pins — hero product.''

Just Laugh It Off, Says Anna Geary

Anna Geary
Anna Geary suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she visited a pharmacist Instagram grab/ Anna Geary

Well, we're glad that she managed to handle it with ease, as she was just in her own locality and the pharmacists helped her out. Things would have been completely different if the same would have occurred if she stepped out for an event and the paparazzi would have taken a hundred pictures of it making headlines the very same day.

Ireland's Fittest Family coach, Anna Geary, advised other women who face a sudden wardrobe malfunction to just laugh it off after the situation is brought under control. ''If you didn't laugh you'd cry. These kinda things just seem to happen to me.''

Anna Geary's Wedding To Kevin Sexton

Coming back to her personal life, Anna Geary tied the knot to the love of her life Kevin Sexton last month on October 21, 2019. The 32-year-old television personality shared several pictures and stories on her Instagram handle. The couple looked amazing together and her followers poured the comment section with wishes. She looks happier since then and has been posting quite a few images chilling with her hubby.

She captioned her wedding pictures as, "It's the little moments, the little looks and the laughs you have together... GOD only knows what we're laughing at here!! I may have tried to put the ring on the wrong finger or maybe cos we nearly lit the wrong candle but that's what it's all about. These moments are so personal and precious to me and we'll definitely remember them forever."