Anmol Singh –The new age investment and trading wizard who makes the art of investing profitable for all

Anmol Singh

Entrants in the stock market world can find their portfolio spiraling downwards without proper strategy or knowledge. That's when expert guidance from analysts like Anmol is needed most.

It's a known fact that the foremost traders fail miserably, losing their capital and enthusiasm in the stock market at a rapid pace. But, as Anmol teaches, if done the right way it can be an extremely profitable proposition. Delhi-born Singh started dabbling in stocks during his early years in college. His initial days in the stock market were tough, and did not give him the expected results. In spite of the tough times, Anmol endured and promised not to give up on trading. In just a year's time, Anmol developed a profitable strategy which paved his way on the path of success. Today he stands amongst the highest-paid consultants in the investment industry.

Anmol wanted to share his knowledge on how to succeed in the stock market, and that's how the idea of establishing his own trading education firm was conceived. In 2015, was launched with the sole aim of training and preparing students to trade successfully in uncertain stock market situations. The education firm has mentored and trained more than a thousand traders and investors to date, having won the number one trading education firm award continuously for three years.

Leading the pack of industry experts, Anmol proudly states that many of his students have achieved financial freedom with the help of his training, and others have started their own businesses related to stocks and investments. Apart from training, Anmol also has stakes in other ventures ranging from the automotive industry to real estate. His new book, Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making It in Life, is a good read and explains the nitty-gritty of achieving success in life.

Today, at the age of 28, Anmol has achieved success in diverse fields as trader, educationist, entrepreneur, and writer, and stands as a true inspiration for many who are still dreaming of "making it big."

Anmol's official website is, where traders can enroll themselves and learn successful strategies through LiveTraders' various training programs.