Anique Hashmani: An International Developer With Multi-Purposes

Anique Hashmani

Anique Hashmani is one of the entrepreneurs in the field of Programming and Development, who has made it big in a short period of time.

Anique started his career in 2015 when he had just learned programming and was venturing to gain traction in the software arena. This is when he learnt many programming developments. He started working on programs like Python, Web3, Solidity, etc. He designed decentralized applications. His unique programs could detect and predict new contracts and this enticed him to venture in investing in his own knowledge used by others.

Anique started investing in Future, Soon He realized that this holds future and strategically Anique started making it big. His investment paid enormous returns more than He expected and thereby giving him the confidence to do more. His friends and relatives looked to him for advice in investment and this is where he started fetching them the best contracts to invest in.

The money put in by his folks paid off and thus more investment started flowing making Anique a millionaire at the age of 30.

He started his firm BitAsia and gained a VC fund of undisclosed amount. For many this may be a fantasy, but Anique has done all this in just 5 years. Building blocks of his life and career with Development. Anique is an inspiration to be an Entrepreneur, for today's youth.