Angry Conservatives Tell LeBron James, NBA to 'Move to China' for Protesting Against Jacob Blake Shooting

After Jacob Blake's shooting, LeBron James was quick to denounce the police for targeting African-American people

Conservatives attacked LeBron James and other NBA players for protesting against the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Blake's shooting triggered widespread protests and agitation across the state, particularly in Kenosha, where Blake – a black man – was hit by four of the seven shots the police fired at him.

On Wednesday, several NBA players including James boycotted the NBA playoffs. The Milwaukee Bucks was the first team to boycott their Game 5 matchup against the Orlando Magic. Following this, Los Angeles Lakers and other teams, also, boycotted their games. The Lakers and Clippers even moved a step ahead and decided to vote in favor of abandoning the rest of the season.

Denouncing Police for the Attack

After Blake's shooting, James was quick to denounce the police for targeting African-American people. He also demanded justice for the 29-year-old, who was shot in front of his two children by the police.

LeBron James
LeBron James Wikimedia Commons

The protests by James and NBA players prompted Outkick founder Clay Travis to criticize the 35-year-old.

"I don't buy Lakers or Clippers, two teams that can actually win a title, quitting. LeBron is just trying to outwoke the rest of the NBA. Clear negotiation ploy. Owners will kick in more money for [social justice warrior] causes & players will claim boycott had a positive impact & go back to playing," Travis wrote in a lengthy rant on Twitter. "At this point players have to be able to claim some sort of victory for their boycott. Otherwise they just go back to playing & boycott looks even more ridiculous. Enter the owners, I'm sorry governors, ponying up more money for SJW issues."

Conservatives Bare Fangs

Overnight, the conservatives lashed out at the players and told to "move to China" – which began trending on Twitter. "Move to China B****. We're sick of whiny millionaires," one Twitter user wrote, retweeting James' post, in which he demanded a change in the society.

"So sad you use your platform in a way that makes most if not all Americans sick and tired of sports. ..... Move to China #MAGA," wrote another Twitter user. However, others jumped to James' defense and called out the angry conservatives.

"The racists telling people to move to China are same Jack a***s who refuse to wear a mask, spreading Covid-19, and making it so that American passports don't work. So even if some one wanted to accept the offer to move to a different country, they can't."