Angry Birds 2 marks second birthday with multiplayer Clan update

The latest Angry Birds 2 update also lets you chat with your Clan mates to build new winning strategies.

Angry Birds

Rovio is set to bring back the Angry Birds fever once again by launching a new update. Dubbed the Clan update, the new version brings multiplayer support to Angry Birds 2.

"The new Clan update brings social collaboration never before seen in Angry Birds 2, allowing players to band together to take on epic new challenges," the Angry Birds team writes in a statement.

Being a multiplayer addition, the Clan update allows you to add your friends or team up with other players globally to start flying birds by tightly stretching the catapult and take down the notorious piggies to jointly earn rewards. The very first hurdle in the series is the Clan Streak Challenge that offers points to each player in a Clan for completing new levels. On the hand, the Clans will be rewarded in the Challenge based on the total points earned by their members.

Chatting feature to gain high

You can chat with your Clan mates to discuss your strategy to earn massively. This new social integration would stick you to the gameplay for a long time. Additionally, the game includes new volcano levels to make it even hard to defeat piggies. There are also an ancient card and slightshot levels and all new chapters including Piggymanjaro and Porkyo with 80 new levels.

The new update comes at the second anniversary of Angry Birds 2, which was debuted as the second sequel and the 12th title in the series back in July 2015. You can download this new version on your Android or iOS devices.

Angry Birds 2 isn't as big as the first-generation Angry Birds that garnered more than a billion downloads on Android. However, the second sequel is among the major successful releases in the franchise that was initially launched in December 2009. The game had surpassed the mark of 10 million downloads in the first week of its launch on Google Play and brought some worthy upgrades over its predecessor.

Unlike the original Angry Birds, the second iteration lets you choose the bird order from the available collection. There are also multi-level stages, and the red bird can emit a blow to remove all the obstacles on its way. Furthermore, the game has a destructor-meter that helps you get additional birds or spell with superpowers to destroy porkies.