Angelina Jolie spends time with kids during filming break amid new romance rumours

False rumours recently surfaced that Jolie was "smitten" by a stuntman working on her upcoming Marvel flick "The Eternals."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Reuters

Angelina Jolie, who has been recently surrounded with a new-romance rumours, was spotted enjoying time with her kids Shiloh, 13, Zahara, 14, & twins Knox and Vivienne, 10, while taking a break from filming her upcoming Marvel flick "The Eternals" on Saturday.

The Oscar winner and her children were seen at the beach in the Canary Islands. Her co-star for "The Eternals" Lia McHugh, 12 was also present. Jolie stunned in an all-black outfit and silver-toned sandals, pairing it with a pair of stunner shades. She was previously spotted wearing a tight gold suit and blonde wig while filming for her movie on Friday.

Zahara sported a gorgeous white top and brown shorts with her siblings and mother, while Shiloh donned an oversized Kangol sweatshirt and hat.

Recently, false rumours surfaced that Jolie was "smitten" with a handsome stuntman on the sets of her first superhero movie "The Eternals." While Jolie isn't dating the stuntman, there is "an undeniable spark between them," a report claimed. However, this is not true. The report identified the stuntman as Xavier Lake, previously worked on "Ready Player One," "Overlord," and the TV series "Top Boy."

The tabloid added that Jolie has been talking about Lake with the makeup artist of "The Eternals," and complimenting his work.

"It's been a long time since Ange has felt a deep connection to anyone and while she's dabbled in dating, it's not felt right," the tabloid report stated, adding that Jolie feels lonely at times, and she is enjoying the "blossoming relationship."

However, these claims are untrue.