Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Reuters

Angelina Jolie is confused and emotional after her recent meeting with Brad Pitt. The couple may be in the final stages of their separation and it seems like Jolie is not ready to let go.

A source tells HollywoodLife exclusively that Jolie's recent meeting with Pitt was filled with emotion. But, the good news is she does believe they made "progress". And they also made wine. That's right, they just announced a new wine.

"Angelina's feelings are all over the map after her latest meeting with Brad, it was very emotional. On one hand it was hard for her to see him, it brought up all her feelings of disappointment over her marriage failing. She still misses him and what they had so being in the same room as him is painful. But at the same time she does feel like they're making progress, they got a lot of things hashed out and she's feeling very hopeful that they'll be able to sign off on a final agreement soon," the source says. This is great news!

It is being reported that the couple united this week to release another bottle of wine from Miraval, their vineyard in France. The wine is called Studio — in honor of Miraval's history as a recording studio. Everyone from Pink Floyd to Courtney Love has recorded there so it's got serious rock'n roll pedigree.

Apparenty, Chateau Miraval also has a significant place in Bragelina's history — they were married in a small church on the grounds of the estate in 2014. . "She's especially happy and proud that they've been able to agree on Miraval," added the source.