Angelina Jolie and Colin Farell are seeing each other amid custody battle

After officially separating from beau Brad Pitt, Angelina Joli is a single woman again. And now that she is free to choose whomsoever she wants, she has chosen Colin Farell reportedly. She seems to have found in him the perfect man as her companion.

The report was published in Ok! Magazine who have claimed that the 'Maleficient' star has been thinking about him for quite some time. The two first met in 2004, when they were filming Alexander. "The two were rumoured to have a short fling while filming," the magazine claimed.

The report has quoted one of Jolie's friends who has claimed that "She's always had a thing for Colin." But things did not work out back then because of their priorities. At that time, all that Colin wanted to do was to party and Jolie could not keep up with that lifestyle for she had "just adopted" Maddox.

Another source has also made the same claims saying that Jolie is looking forward to this reunion. As custody battle comes to an end, she's excited about "finding someone new." The source further adds, "She's finally ready for a fresh start."

However, the authenticity of the above story has been questioned by the folks at Gossip Cop, who have claimed that the story is false. Firstly, they have pointed out the fact of how Jolie had already adopted her eldest child two years before shooting Alexander. Also, the fact, that in the second stanza they have stated that the Colin and Jolie's fling during Alexander shoot was a rumour, it makes it all the more endearing to believe that the above story is true.

The origin of the story goes back to 2013, when it was alleged that Jolie wanted to be with Colin but settled for Pitt. Back then, Gossip Cop called out the story to be false and after good six years, it seems that that story has been recycled again.

And the final pin on the coffin was when both Jolie and Colin were not featured together when the actress went to the screening of Dumbo, which stars the later. If they were seeing each other then they would have been spotted together.

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