Angela Marie Conijn: Washington Woman Shoots Dead Person Trying to Steal Trump Sign

According to police, the two women didn't know each other and they are still investigating if the attempt to steal the Trump sign was politically motivated.

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A woman in Washington has been arrested for shooting dead a woman who allegedly tried to steal a Trump sign from her yard, police said. Angela Marie Conijn, 55, was arrested on Saturday night and has been charged with the second-degree murder of 32-year-old Kamran Cohee.

According to police, the two women didn't know each other and they are still investigating what led Cohee to enter Conjin's home. Conjin allegedly came out of the front door of her house and saw Cohee trying to steal a Trump sign from the front yard. However, without trying to confront her, she straightaway fired and killed Cohee, according to police.

Killed in One Minute

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Police officers from Skagit County Sheriff's Office were informed about a fight inside a property in Mount Vernon, Washington, on Saturday around 5.25 pm. A few minutes later they received another call. This time it was a man who told officers that his friend has been shot. It isn't known who made the first call.

Officers immediately responded to the scene only to find Cohee lying dead in a pool of blood in the driveway. According to investigators, Cohee and Conjin didn't know each other and the shooting happened after Conjin spotted Cohee allegedly stealing a sign from her front yard.

Further investigations revealed that it was a political sign believed to be in support of former President Donald Trump. Conijn's husband later told investigators that he heard some noise and came out of his house when he saw someone trying to pull into his driveway, believing they were trying to steal his political sign.

Following that a fight broke out between Conijn's husband and the man who had arrived with Cohee and later called police to report about the shooting.

All for Trump

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However, Conijn's husband claims that he was chased back inside his home while he tried to protect Trump's sign. Both Conjin and the man reportedly became violent. According to initial investigation, Conijn's husband tried to run back and take shelter inside his house, while Cohee and the other man started beating on his front door with a wheelbarrow.

At this point, Conijn came out of their home and realizing danger fired a gunshot toward the parked vehicle. However, the shot hit Cohee and she immediately collapsed. Police later recovered the body which was lying 50 feet from the house and 25 feet from the road. Conjin's husband was also later arrested on charges of assault.

The man who arrived with Cohee allegedly admitted to taking the political sign. However, investigators didn't reveal what prompted him to steal the Trump sign and if there was because of any political reasons. They are also investigating how Cohee's body moved 50 feet from the house while the shooting happened in the driveway.