Andy Lau sends intriguing emoji message to family from hospital

Actor Andy Lau greets family on 7th day of Chinese New Year

Andy Lau
Actor Andy Lau in a publicity still from 'The Great Wall.'

Andy Lau, one of the most commercially successful film actors in Hong Kong, was recently thrown off a horse while filming in Thailand. He has been slowly recovering. The actor also took time to reach out to his family and show them appreciation for being beside him during these tough times.

As reported by Asiaone, veteran actor Andy Lau, famous for starring in the 'Infernal Affairs' series of films, used emojis to greet his family on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. He typed out emojis for flying kiss, love, strength and gratitude among others, as is evident from the Reuters image posted by Asiaone. Andy Lau capped off the message, saying he was "okay" and signed with his well known nickname "Wah Zai."

He wished them a happy birthday, as the seventh day of the Chinese New Year is regarded as the birthday of common men; humans. It is called 'Renri' or 'Human Day' and is the seventh day of the first lunar month. According to Chinese mythology, 'renri' was the day of the creation of humans. The other six days are day of the chicken, day of the dog, day of the boar, day of the sheep, day of the cow and day of the horse, mentions Wikipedia.

Andy Lau, who appears alongside Hollywood star Matt Damon in 'The Great Wall,' had visited Thailand for the purpose of shooting a tea commercial. The shooting involved him riding on a horse. The horse must have panicked somehow and threw the actor off and then trampled on. The reason for the horse's angry reaction wasn't revealed but the actor, on falling, could not move. He was transferred to a hospital in Hong Kong on January 18, suffering fractures. Doctors revealed that he would have to spend at least four to six weeks in the hospital for recuperating.

A similar accident happened with late 'Superman' star Christopher Reeve. He was paralysed from his waist down for life. However, with exceptional willpower he was able to improve his condition slightly, and spent his remaining life helping paraplegics and funding research to find cure for the life-altering impairment. We wish actor Andy Lau a speedy recovery.

This article was first published on February 7, 2017