Andy Lau recovering in hospital from injuries, expected to be discharged in March

Lau will be restricted to a wheelchair after his discharge from the hospital.

Hong Kong star Andy Lau suffers pelvic injury while shooting in Thailand
Hong Kong actor Andy Lau poses for photographers on the red carpet at the 50th Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei November 23, 2013. Reuters

Veteran actor and singer Andy Lau, who is recovering from his injuries at a hospital in Hong Kong, will reportedly get discharged by early March, the Guang Ming Daily reported. The 55-year-old star was sustained injuries after he was thrown off a horse while filming commercial near Bangkok in Thailand on 17 January. According to the report, Lau will be restricted to a wheelchair after his discharge.

Currently, the actor's residence is being renovated to accommodate his movements at home. Lau has said that he could sit up on his hospital bed but he was not allowed to walk.

Carol Choo, Lau's Malaysian wife visits him daily in his ward after sending their four-year-old daughter Hanna to school. The actor's wife stays at the hospital until dinner time while Hanna would visit her father during school holidays.

During the Chinese New Year, Lau had sent intriguing emoji message to greet his family on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. He typed out emojis for flying kiss, love, strength and gratitude among others.

Lau, one of the biggest stars in the Chinese-speaking world, has been featured in a number of local and international films including, Wong Kar-wai's "Days of Being Wild", "The House of Flying Daggers", the "Detective Dee" historical fantasies, and "The Warlords". The actor has enjoyed a nearly 30-year career as an award-winning singer, actor and producer. Lau is widely known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Cantopop.