Android phones will lose one key feature of 'OK Google', but it's for your own good

In October 2018, Google silently disabled 'OK Google' screen unlock feature on Pixel 3 series, as it posed a security risk. Now, it has begun to do the same for all Android phones across the world.

In the latest Google app update (v9.27) for Moto Z and Pixel XL, the 'Unlock with Voice Match' has been disabled and soon, other Android phones will receive security update.

However, most of the Google Assistant features such as personal search on the internet, activate the camera to take a selfie, launch a messaging app to send texts and several other tasks via voice commands provided the user has given permission.

It can be noted that the voice commands unlike fingerprints or face unlock can be easily faked or even reproduced with a voice recorder and can be used to illegally access a phone. This reminds me of the 'Bourne Ultimatum' movie, wherein the protagonist Jason Bourne aka David Webb (played by Matt Damon) uses a voice recorder to open the secret locker of crooked Central Intelligence Agency's deputy director Noah Vosen (played by David Strathairn). It can be noted that Bourne also uses a fingerprint impression of Vosen left on the computer mouse, but it's not as easy as its shown in the movie.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Google's latest move is right and will help secure your Android phone from prying spouse or anybody with ill intention.

Google Assistant app
Google Assistant app Play Store

In a related development, Google has waged war against child abuse on YouTube. Recently, a YouTuber Matt Watson made a video highlighting rampant circulation of paedophilic comments, videos on Google's free video service and brought it to the notice of the search engine giant.

It has deleted more than 400 YouTube channels, also tens of millions of videos and comments containing child pornographic content URL links.

It has come to our understanding there is glitch in YouTube algorithm that once the user comes across sexually explicit videos on YouTube by accident or by deliberate, the Google video service goes on to recommend similar contents in thousands. This issue is being investigated and is expected to be fixed at the earliest.