Android N is officially 'Android 7.0 Nougat'

Google officially confirms nickname for Android N as 'Android 7.0 Nougat' and HTC announces Nougat upgrade for flagship phones.

Google has now officially confirmed the nickname for Android N as 'Android 7.0 Nougat' via its YouTube channel, which is in line with its traditional dessert-based naming-convention. The Android maker announced the new dessert name in its recent tweet which also accompanied the picture of a statue depicting a bugdroid standing on a huge pile of Nougats.

With the Android maker seemingly not concerned about the importance of dessert-based nicknames, the Android naming convention seems of less prominence. Nevertheless, it continues the familiar version-number pattern starting from Android 1.0 through Android 7.0.

HTC announces arrival of Android Nougat for premium smartphones

In related news, HTC has announced the arrival of Android Nougat upgrade for HTC 10 flagship, One M9 and the sleeker One A9. Here is what the company posted on its official Twitter account while announcing the new Android upgrade.

One closer look at the enclosed image in the tweet suggests that the release time of the update as well as the announcement details for other HTC devices will be revealed later this year when Google rolls out Nougat AOSP code to manufacturers.

Note: HTC One M8 will miss the Nougat update as the company has dropped it from the list, especially given the fact that it is a 2014 device (almost two years old).

We could expect other major handset makers to offer similar promises as the public release of Android Nougat draws closer. It may be recalled that HTC had made a similar commitment earlier this year, before Android N got its official nickname and we could count this announcement as a double assurance to HTC fans.