Android N Developer Preview 4 breaks Android Pay functionality: How to fix

Installing Android N Developer Preview 4 reportedly breaks Apple Pay functionality, but the Android community finds a fix.

The internet is abuzz with fresh news of Android N Developer Preview 4 breaking Android Pay functionality for some reason while a veteran Android user Ralph has revealed a quick fix for the problem. It is ascertained that the issue is due to the SafetyNetAPI not working as per the desired expectations.

As in the case of every other developer preview build, the fourth preview of Android N is apparently harbouring some untested bugs and broken features while the dysfunctional Android Pay app could just be a starter.

With Android Pay being introduced as a non-essential service for Android N and the preview builds under beta testing, it is just a matter of time before Google starts updating the app to ensure proper working of the SafetyNet API which powers Android Pay.

As Android Police reports, curious users who cannot wait for the official patch or fix for Apple Pay from Google may go ahead and try clearing the app's cache to temporarily fix the problem as confirmed by several affected users.

Do let us know if clearing the app cache helped you resolve the issue or if you found any other workaround, in the comments section below.