Andrew Ragusa, one of the leading realtors and investors, lays out the biggest life lessons for people

Andrew Ragusa

There are tons of guides, books, and resources for people to learn from and increase their knowledge in what they seek to learn; however, nothing beats the real tips and suggestions from real success stories across business niches. One such real success story in the field of real estate is Andrew Ragusa. This young man, originally from Brooklyn and now Long Island, always thought he had entrepreneurial instincts in him, and so as he grew up, instead of getting entangled in any traditional corporate rat race, he chose to create his own success story by getting into the real estate world. As the founder of his real estate brokerage firm, investment firm, and coaching program, the youngster has increased his stocks in the industry, which is filled with many other talented real estate players.

Throwing light on some important life lessons, this realtor and investor give a few pointers that other aspiring real estate professionals and investors must keep in mind.

Gain knowledge from genuine people: Andrew suggests people to gain information and knowledge only from those who have the right intentions and who have attained success themselves. People must be critical about who is advising them.

It's okay to fail: Andrew states that people should normalize failing sometimes. It is only after people make errors and mistakes can they learn to excel at what they do. Real estate will make people see many downs before they rise from the ashes to make it huge.

Personal integrity: The leading realtor and investor says that people must practice being more honest and show uncompromising adherence to strong ethical and moral principles as this will lead them to making a robust foundation of their business and attain great success.

Trust the instincts: It is necessary to listen to what the heart says and trust the instincts while setting up or running a business. Andrew did the same when things did not move according to him, but he kept moving forward, trusting his gut and instincts and achieved the momentum he desired.

He also attributes his success to his constant support in his aunt Lila, the first person to teach him about the entrepreneurial mindset and help him grow spiritually when he became a self-employed person and the many mindset training programs that also led him to help others to gain success.