'Andi Mack' actor fears about fair trail stating the judge's biases on gay people

The actor tried to lure an undercover cop who posed as a 13-year-old boy to his hotel room

Former Disney star accused of trying to perform sexual acts on a minor boy said that he felt that he wouldn't receive a fair trial because the Utah judge is biased against the LGBTQ community. The judge refused the claims by saying that he does not harbor any personal prejudices against the actor.

The defence argued that the judge as a former private attorney had represented the proponents of California's Prop 8. Then the judge had countered stating that homosexuality is a personal choice and people can become straight through conversion therapy.

The public officer further said that he wouldn't rescue himself from the allegations that were thrown at him stating that Stoney Westmoreland made the assumptions from his past legal works which does not reflect his personal views. Westmoreland, 49 is said to have violated the conditions of his release trial in March, which is pending. He is set to present himself to the court regarding that matter next week.

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Several Congressmen opposed the judge's appointment

According to the court documents Westmoreland is bisexual and the charges focus on his actions with a 13-year-old boy. His defence says that the case would handle the 'hook-up culture' that is associated with gay men which is a non-traditional part of the trial, would be biased when coming from the stands of US District Judge Howard Nielson Jr. Westmoreland transitioned from a heterosexual man who was married to a homosexual man who is openly bi-sexual. This would mean that several witnesses that would testify in the court would be gay men who know his background.

Nielson believes that Westmoreland has created such assumptions and doesn't come from his personal beliefs. He said that he would uphold the law rather than follow the set of assumptions that the Andi Mack actor has created after understanding his legal work. Nielson argued that he was working for his clients and not his personal views. He also stated that the opposition came from different reasons rather than the ones mentioned by Westmoreland's defence.

The actor was arrested after a date turned into a sting operation to capture people who were targetting young gay boys. The undercover officer arrested Westmoreland after he tried to lure a the said police officer into a Little America Hotel. The actor has several movies in his credit including "Godzilla". He was fired from his role as a grandfather from the Utah based Disney Channel show Andi Mack following his arrest.

The federal court released him under certain conditions and a new set of conditions were added in September this year. But, Westmoreland has not met the conditions. He is set to be presented before Magistrate Judge Cecilia Romero in January 3.