Anderson Paak and others rip apart GoldLink for disrespecting Mac Miller after death

Paak says disrespecting the dead is an insensitive act. "Dragging it to one's grave is beyond the point."

Anderson Paak (Brandon Paak Anderson), in his scathing remark against Goldlink (D'Anthony Carlos), named the latter 'disrespectful, narcissistic and jealous. The American singer took to Instagram in response to Goldlink's thick-skinned post on November 26 about Mac Miller's death over the social media platform accusing the late rapper of copying the former's music.

Singer and rapper Anderson .Paak's since-deleted Instagram response to Goldlink's accusations was in lieu of the reaction of Miller's fans across the globe. Paak said that Goldlink is the first person to disrespect the late star, who is also his "good friend who is no extended here for definitely no reason and I just can't stand for that."

Andreson .Paak, Goldlink, Mac Miller
Singer Andreson .Paak's response to Goldlink's accusations Instagram

Disrespecting the dead

Paak added that disrespecting the dead is an insensitive act. 'Differences should be dealt with in person and found a conscience then and there. Dragging it one's grave is beyond the point,' .Paak wrote shedding light onto the unsympathetic "tribute" that Goldlink showered Miller.

Ripping the rapper's "tribute" apart, Anderson .Paak said that the post was 'grossly unnecessary'. "Maybe your belt was wrapped all-around your Gotdamn waistline much too tight or perhaps it was the choker chopping off the circulation off to the brain but given that you felt it required to deliver me up twice and my boy ain't below to react ima say it like this," he wrote in an aggressive reciprocation.

Mac Miller, tribute, Goldlink, Anderson .Paak

GoldLink posted the tedious acknowledgment with the late rapper's photos and words of conceited praise. The post went onto suggest that Miller's "The Divine Feminine" is a "blueprint" of his mixtape "And After That, We Didn't Talk" and drew a parallel between the composition of the two songs that were published in consecutive years.

Mac Miller, who passed away at the young age of twenty-six over 15 months ago, and Goldlink had toured together during "GO:OD AM Tour" in 2015. According to Goldlink's post, the duo started falling apart after that and was not in same page of the book most of the time. In his post, Goldlink mentions about "The Divine Feminine" challenge in 2016, which Miller had dropped to participate.

Though Miller is no longer among us to defend himself, the trends online suggest that his fans are doing a great job at this forefront.