'Andante' leads Kai and Kim Jin Kyung reveal how they grew close while filming

Andante cast also held a V Live broadcast in which EXO's Kai and the others made a ratings promise.

KBS1 Andante
EXO's Kai and actress Kim Jin-kyung attending a press conference for KBS drama 'Andante' on September 19. kbsworld.kbs.co.kr

The cast of upcoming KBS's upcoming drama 'Andante' attended a press conference on September 19 where the two leads talked about their chemistry. The cast also held a V Live broadcast in which they made a ratings promise.

As noted by website Soompi, EXO's Kai and actress Kim Jin-kyung spoke of how they grew closer while filming 'Andante' and supported each other throughout the project. This was the first leading role for both of them in a television drama. "We were a really good match. At first, we were both really nervous. It was difficult because the weather was cold during filming, but it made us closer. The atmosphere during filming was really good, so we were able to film in a good mood," Kai said of his leading lady.

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Kim Jin-kyung also had some nice words to say about her leading man. "[At first] his image as EXO's Kai was big, but [later] I saw more human aspects of him. When I was nervous, Kai would make jokes and help me to not be so tense. When I wasn't doing something well, he gave me encouragement and made me feel better. I was very thankful," the 20-year-old actress revealed.

The cast of the drama also held a V Live broadcast where they made a ratings promise to viewers. Initially, Kim Jin-kyung promised that she'd go skydiving if the drama reached 10 percent ratings. EXO's Kai took it a bit further and said he'd wear his character's uniform and dance in the streets of Myeongdong. The condition being the drama had to reach an improbably high rating of 60 percent. In the end the cast members agreed that if the drama achieves 10 percent ratings, they would all wear their outfits featured in 'Andante' posters and also have a free hug event at Myeongdong.

EXO's Kai also talked about his co-star Baek Chul-min and how his initial perception of the latter changed as they began filming. "When I first met him at the script reading, he seemed very serious but when we went into filming, he joked around more than anyone. I would have been sad if he weren't around." To this, Baek Chul-min replied, "There aren't a lot of male actors on set and so I think we became closer faster."

The first episode of 'Andante' will air on September 24 at 10.10 p.m. KST, on KBS1.

This article was first published on September 20, 2017