Ancient sculptures unearthed in Mexico reveal aliens once lived on Earth (VIDEO)


A YouTube channel named UFOmania has claimed that some ancient sculptures unearthed in Mexico are a strong indication of alien inhabitation on Earth in the past. The video uploaded on January 25, 2017, has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

The channel has not provided any details regarding when and where these sculptures were found. However, they assure that these sculptures are very much popular among local residents who live near the caves in Mexico.

The artifacts are designed in a mysterious manner, and most of them feature living beings with wide eyes and long faces, a popular depiction of aliens which we have seen in sci-fi movies. Some other artifacts portray spaceships flying from the Earth's surface.

The video has convinced alien buffs and UFO enthusiasts, and they strongly believe that this is a solid proof to substantiate that aliens have once roamed across our planet.As the video went viral on the Internet, people started proposing new theories to explain the artifacts.

"Incredible evidentiary support of the fact that extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race for a very long time!," posted a user named Jamie Campeau.

Another user named Nelio Anderson lashed out against the authorities for not learning more about these artifacts as they contradict with the established theories.

"It is disgusting how the scientific community refuses to look at any evidence that contradicts the established theory. They claim to be scientists but based on their notorious record of making out of place artifacts vanish it is clear that there is a political agenda present. A knowledge filter. As such it is not surprising to see the establishment attack archeologists/anthropologists/paleontologist and geologists who had the courage and unbiased views to publish these finds," posted Nelio Anderson.