Ancient city floating in sea? Is it lost city of Atlantis?

Conspiracy theorists claim that this newly discovered floating city is nothing but the lost city of Atlantis

Nan Madol

Scientists have discovered a mystical island in the middle of Pacific ocean, and within no time, conspiracy theories have surfaced online stating that it is nothing but the lost city of Atlantis. The aerial images of the island city were unveiled in the last episode of Science Channel's 'Whats on Earth.' The image clearly shows a beautiful city built on the top of a lagoon.

Researchers have adopted a new method to explore the ancient city of Nan Madol, an area which was inaccessible till now due to its extremely remote location. Even though there are no specific records which prove the age in which this ancient city was built, researchers assume that it could date back to the first or second century AD.

Nan Madol: The amazing island

Nan Madol is popularly known as the 'Venice of the Pacific', as the city is separated by tidal canals, and is protected by the ocean sea walls.

Mark McCoy, the lead researcher of this study said that Nan Madol was the capital of numerous Pacific islands. He also added that Nan Madol was the place where former heads of the island were laid to rest.

"It now looks like Nan Madol represents a first in Pacific Island history. To me, in its prime, Nan Madol was a capital. It was the seat of political power, the centre of the most important religious rituals, and the place where the former chiefs of the island were laid to rest," said McCoy.

People in the Saudeleur kingdom reportedly spent years to build 92 artificial islands on the top of lagoons. Until 1628, Nan Madol was the capital of the Saudeleur kingdom and is still considered as an engineering marvel among archeologists.

The population in the Saudeleur kingdom was just 30,000 and they have no access to pulleys or levers. Still, the hard-working island people transported 7,50,000 tonnes of black rocks to build these islands.

Mysteries surrounding the island

People in the neighboring islands of Micronesia calls Nan Madol, the ghost island. Local myths in the island claim that Nan Madol is haunted, and nobody used to go near it. People also claim that they have seen mysterious lights and orbs in the island during the night.