Ancestor X: Scientists Work Towards Unveiling the Biggest Mystery in Human Evolution

The questions and conflicting theories over Neanderthals and Denisovans being the direct ancestors of humans are seen in the new light after the scientists came across a human skull found in China. Since 2018, the skull has been with the scientists who have edged closer to the answer behind the actual ancestors of humans.

The clues from the study of the ancient skull have brought them closer to the existence of "Ancestor X", the species that gave birth to "humans".

According to a report published by, a man working on the bridge construction site in Harbin, North East China came across an ancient human skull in 1933. Since he was working for the invading Japanese forces, he decided not to hand over the fossil and hid it in an abandoned well.

However, before his death in 2018, the man revealed the truth to his family and the skull came in the hands of the scientists.

Ancient human skull

Is Asia the Land of Ancestor X?

The social media is full of speculations and questions pertaining to the ongoing research on "Ancestor X" and Asia has emerged as the land for making revelations about the existence of the species.

A faction of people has questioned as to how do "homo sapiens" fit in with other prehistoric species especially Neanderthals and Denisovans.

The faction also referred to the scientific findings that stated that Ancestor X originated between Africa and Middle East and India as Habilis range stretched to diversified vegetable and meat diet.

At the same time, another faction expressed its views adding that it is premature to draw any conclusions as it is an- ongoing research and nothing definite can be said till the scientists from across the world reach a consensus.

A Twitter user while replying to @newscientist stated, "Has any other lineage been more thoroughly studied than the human one. The picture which seems to be emerging is more like a river in a flat valley bottom with streams merging and diverging. I suspect that there is no Ancestor X as such just a collection who contributed."

Another user shared, "This could prove significant for those seeking Ancestor X Although analysis of the Harbin skull is ongoing, Chris Stringer at @NHM_London speculates that Dragon Man might have emerged from Ancestor X at around the same time humans and Neanderthals did."