Anastasia Savitskaya: Russia's First Female Soldier Killed In Ukraine Four Months After Moscow Started War With Kyiv

Russia has lost its first female soldier in the Ukraine war. Four and half months after Russia invaded Ukraine, Anastasia Savitskaya has become the first female member of the Russian military to be killed in the war.

Savitskaya was a corporal from the southwestern Russian city of Volgograd. Confirming her death, Alexander Strukov, the head of Volgograd's council of veterans, said: "[Savitsakaya] became the first female military personnel to die." So far the age of the soldier and time of her death has not been revealed.

Female Russian soldiers
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Volgograd Region Reported One Of Highest Regional Death

Russia's Volgograd region has reported one of highest regional death tolls in the Ukraine war with a total of 136 soldiers killed in combat, according to the independent Russian media outlet iStories.

Ukraine has claimed that it inflicted massive casualties and losses on Russia. Ukraine Armed Forces say that they have killed more than 37,000 Russian soldiers since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

1% of Total Russian Soldiers Are Women

Russia has also lost more than 3800 of its armored vehicle and nearly 1600 of its tank in the war, according to Ukraine. Kyiv also claims that it destroyed more than 217 Russian aircraft and 188 helicopters.

Nearly 1% of total Russian soldiers are women. According to reports, 40,000 women were serving in the Russian military last year.

Relatives and friends of Savitskaya stated that it was her dream to serve in the Russian army, according to the news outlet.

"Since childhood, she dreamed of serving in the army, she signed a contract at the age of 18," friends of Savitskaya said, underlining that she chose to take part in the Ukraine war.

On Sunday, Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed that they have killed 58 Russian soldiers and destroyed 4 Russian ammunition depots in Southern Ukraine. Kyiv's missiles and artillery units conducted two strikes on Russia's command post on Sunday.

Kyiv also stated that Russia's two Msta-B howitzers, one Zhitel, a mobile truck-mounted jamming communication station, three armored vehicles, and 12 other vehicles were destroyed.

This article was first published on July 13, 2022