Ana Livia Diniz: Model Left Red-Faced After Mistakenly Being Crowned Beauty Queen; Video Shows Sash Being Removed From Her (WATCH)

A model was left humiliated on the stage after she was crowned beauty queen mistakenly. Ana Livia Diniz was crowned the winner, but seconds later her sash was removed. The incident took place last week during the Miss Teen Goias beauty pageant.

The presenter removed the sash from her as he realised he had crowned the wrong winner. The terrifying moment left Diniz red-faced as her joyous moment was short-lived.

Ana Livia Diniz
Ana Livia Diniz Screengrab

Model Mistakenly Crowned Winner

Sharing the humiliating incident on a social media platform, she wrote: "The shame I went through at the Miss Teen Goias pageant. They got the result wrong: they put the sash on me and then took it off."

Diniz Started Crying With Emotion

As Diniz realized that she was mistakenly crowned and the presenter removed the sash off her, she started crying. "At that time, I started crying with emotion, but then I had no reaction. What a shame!"

The video of the incident garnered thousands of views and became popular within hours on social media platforms. The clip shows the presenter putting the sash on Diniz and announcing her name as the winner. But in seconds, he realized that Diniz was not the winner of the contest.

The presenter, who put the sash on Diniz, was standing behind her. Netizens claimed that the presenter could not have confirmed the identity of the model from the backside.

Seconds later, he put the sash on a contestant standing just next to Diniz. But this time, the presenter was standing at the front of the contestants.

At the end of the contest, Dinizwas crowned first runner-up, and the presenter allegedly apologised to her. Ana said she delivered her best throughout the contest. "Luckily that I prepared myself psychologically, I know very well who I am and I stayed strong," she said, according to Daily Star.

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This article was first published on October 2, 2022