Amy Carlson: Cause of Death of Colorado Cult Leader Known as Mother God Revealed

The cause of death of the leader of the new age sect 'Love Has Won', Amy Carlson, has finally been discovered. The cult leader, whose mummified body was discovered in April with its eyes missing, had died due to alcohol abuse, anorexia, and dosing colloidal silver, according to an autopsy report.

Carlson's body was found in a green sleeping bag in a home in Crestone, Colorado with glitter make-up around her eyes. A corporal of the Saguache County Sheriff's Office, Steve Hanson, had previously said that investigators found human remains with "what appears to be glitter type makeup on around the eyes," according to the Daily Beast.

Carlson was called "Mother God" by her followers

Members of her sect, who referred to Carlson as "Mother God," were taken into custody after her body was found. It had been decomposing for almost a month. The group had said it believed Carlson was not dead but was "out of communication."

The cult leader's body was also accompanied by "eight small brown bottles with medicine droppers that were colorfully labeled". The bottles were retained as evidence and reportedly had contents of various metals including gold, silver and colloidal titanium.

Forensic examination also revealed the presence of ethanol and acetaminophen in Carlson's body. The samples also tested positive for chemicals found in cannabis, tobacco and opiates.

A former member of the cult had previously told The Daily Beast that Carlson used to drink ten shots of vodka a night, and that due to this reason she had started to lose her cognitive abilities to the point that she "would fall and walk into walls."

Carlson's mummified body weighed a mere 75 pounds when the autopsy was carried out. She also had a tie-dye fleece shawl draped around her shoulders. She was wearing a fur scarf around her neck. She also had a crown headband on her head.

The report also clarified that the reason behind her missing eyes was severe decomposition and that there were no signs of trauma.