Amy attempts suicide after being subject of Korean TV show
Amy Instagram

Former TV personality Amy, also known as Lee Yoon-ji, attempted suicide after she became a subject of a Korean TV talk show.

Channel A talk show "I Heard Through the Grapevine" discussed Amy on its June 19 episode wherein panel members said she borrowed 200,000 won (about $175) from a reporter during an interview for her medical treatment. They added that she asked reporters to Photoshop her face.

Amy, a Korean-American, was a TV personality in Korea until she was deported back to the US for drug abuse in December 2015.

After the Channel A segment aired, Amy wrote on her Instagram that she's "so sick of it now," according to AllKPop.

"I have nowhere to go. I don't have anywhere to break down. I want to go where there's no sadness. Then it'll be revealed. I forgot how to smile. My tears have also dried up. It's hard to pretend like I'm strong. I have given up everything. The truth tends to come out once a person dies. I'm sorry to my family. I'm grateful to the people who trusted me. I hope everyone is happy," she added.

After that it was reported that she was hospitalized for suicide attempt at her home in Los Angeles, California. The TV program apologized to Amy.

Amy made her debut in 2008 as part of the program "Bad Girls Diary 3." She was charged with using Propofol and Zolpidem and was sentenced for Propofol use in 2012. In 2014, she was sentenced for using Zolpidem.

The Korea Immigration Service ordered her deportation and asked her to leave Korea by March 2015 but she filed an appeal.

In November 2015, the Seoul High Court dismissed her case against the immigration office and she left Korea in December the same year.

Before she left the country, she told the media that "my mind is a mix of emotions. I may be leaving for America but I hope my family and everyone else in Korea stay happy and healthy. I think I will miss them very much."

"Although I couldn't show my best self, I'm thankful. I'm grateful toward everyone who showed an interest in me to the very end whether it be support or criticism. I suffered much mental stress for four years. If I were to be given another chance there, I will return my gratitude to the people who cared for me by working hard at whatever I do," she added, AllKPop reported.