Amo Petric Pet Care Wins GDUSA American Package Design Award

Amo Petric Pet Care
(Photographer: SENDOH)

Lead Designer Site Ma introduces her design experience before receiving the award

Amo Petric Pet Care has clinched the GDUSA American Package Design Award. As the renowned, leading online professional skincare and beauty brand for pets, Amo Petric Pet Care and its success are closely tied to its irreplaceable mastermind, Site Ma, whose innovative mind and creative designs have catapulted Amo Petrics into industry stardom.

Amo Petric Pet Care's core mission revolves around enhancing the lives of pets through their products which are made from 100% natural ingredients. As the brand's designer for packaging, Site Ma deeply understands the mission at heart and subtly and creatively turned in her interpretations with her unique artistic flares and twists. Through extensive research and insightful discussions with the brand's founders, Site Ma translated the essence of Amo Petric's commitment into a cohesive branding identity.

"I was really touched by the founders' genuine dedication and care for the cute pets. I could feel they truly love pets and want the best for them," Site Ma shared, "They want to provide safe and organic skincare products for the pets and that really inspired me. We aimed to convey a sense of safety, cleanliness, and trustworthiness, which led us into choosing a color palette reminiscent of kraft paper, creating an organic and friendly impression."

Site Ma's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the packaging design. For instance, each packaging design of the dog balm product was crafted with unique icons denoting the product's specific functions. Additionally, Site Ma also subtly incorporated some information cards with illustrations of the main ingredients, alongside heartfelt messages from the founder. This approach not only aims to educate the customers about the product they are purchasing to ensure full transparency but also establishes a personal connection between the brand and its patrons.

Site Ma's choice of typefaces and fonts also served as a critical enhancement of the brand's identity, as they exude a sense of cleanness and loveliness that resonates with potential customers and their lovely pets. The ability to appeal both visually and emotionally with the potential customers is what really separated Site Ma's design philosophy from the rest, and consequently boosted the sales and reputation of Amo Petric's brand image on the market.

Site Ma graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently serves as the Senior Designer at The Working Assembly in New York City. Over the years, Site Ma has received recognition and won awards from distinguished institutions such the IMAA, ADAA, and the Society of Typography. Her design has not only elevated Amo Petric Pet Care's visual identity into a whole new realm with great commercial success but also created a special bonding moment for countless customers and their pets.