Amjad Khalid's Dough Central Is South London's Top Tier Restaurant

Delicious Food, Delicious Sweets, All Delightful For The Taste Buds, Such Tasty Treats.

Amjad Khalid's Dough Central

Are you a inhabitant of south London or fair going to the famous city? In case you get hungry from the steady hustle and flurry of the enormous city, make beyond any doubt to halt by Dough Central for a delightful getaway and unwinding environment. Amjad Khalid is the sole proprietor of Dough Central, it's found in Colliers Wood, and specializes in pizza, employing a restrictive mix to create a few of the finest sourdough pizzas from around the world. Dough Central differentiates itself from other pizza places with their delicious, unique one-of-a-kind sourdough, as most pizza places utilize standard mixture when making their pizza. Dough Central has exceptional signature pizzas, joining cuisines from around the world in their manifestations. Whether you're searching for an Italian, American, Indian, or Mexican bend on your pizza, Dough Central is beyond any doubt to induce your taste buds into upbeatness with their signature Veggie Toscana pizza, Smokehouse pizza, or their most prevalent, Tikka Chicken pizza. On the off chance that the climate is stormy and you need to remain domestic, Dough Central gives conveyance service.

Dough Central doesn't just produce pizza, but a huge assortment of other dishes that are beyond any doubt to keep you coming back many times for more. They have a wide assortment of signature subs, from the classic turkey, chicken, and fish subs, to their signature subs just like the Tikka Chick, Philly Cheese Steak, and Charcuterie sub. They are incomparable both in taste, and in cost. Amjad Khalid has coordinated the flavor of Philadelphia into his Philly Cheese Steak sub, making it a client favorite at Dough Central. It is unquestionably better than a few of the leading cheese steak places in its origin, Philadelphia. The Tikka Chick consolidates the prevalent Indian dish, Chicken Tikka, into an incredible and flavor pressed sub. At the chance that you still require more flavor, you can include any sort of dipping sauce to deliciously form your sub that much greater.

You'll be able drop by Dough Central amid any time of the day, from dusk until dawn. If you're diligently trying to find a speedy morning boost, make beyond any doubt to undertake their great coffee mixes and waffles, you cannot go off-base with the Hella Nutella Waffle, it is beyond any doubt to fulfill indeed the foremost voracious sweet tooth, and goes incredible with a cappuccino or americano. Amjad Khalid amazingly prescribes attempting The Oreo and Banoffee Pie. In case you're a dessert devotee, they have tasty gelato ice cream from Italy, the salted caramel is one of the foremost prevalent among their clients.

Dough Central has dishes for any part of the day, and any temperament. If by chance you've had an unpleasant day at work and need to loosen up, they have preferences of wine, lager, and cider. In case you want to match your pizza or sub with something sweet, they have flavorsome milkshakes that are beyond any thought to make even the greatest milkshake enthusiasts stare and walk off in amazement. The banana milkshake and Oreo milkshake are their most well known, with the strawberry milkshake coming very near to it. With plenty of menu choices to select from, Dough Central has solidly sealed itself as a family favorite for any gathering.

Dough Central is getting to be progressively prevalent as the setting for chief nourishment within the heart of south London, they have a wide determination of flavor pressed dishes that will make you walk off full and satisfied. With Amjad Khalid initiating the wonderful manifestations at Dough Central, you cannot go off-base with any dish.