Amira Irfan of A Self Guru: How She Quit Her Lawyer Job After Making $78,000 a Month Blogging

Amira Irfan

85 percent of employed people in the United States want to own their own businesses and have the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere in the world. However, they are unsure of how to break free from their 9 to 5 routine. Blogging is a great option because it allows you to work from home, set your own hours, and eventually quit your 9 to 5 job. The options for blog content are virtually limitless.

Amira Irfan started her blog, A Self Guru, while working full-time as a lawyer to help entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses with her products and services. The last thing she expected was making $78,000 a month blogging and quitting her lawyer job the same month. She hoped that by starting her blogging business, she would be able to pay off $150,000 in student loan debt while also making a bigger impact.

Working as a lawyer one-on-one with clients, she was only able to help a few people during the day, but she had bigger dreams. She wanted to help thousands of people at once, so she decided to start blogging. Little did she know that her side hustle would grow into a million-dollar business, allowing her to help over 30,000 entrepreneurs in complying with the laws through her affordable legal templates and coaching services at Amira's blog teaches entrepreneurs how to make money blogging while also ensuring they have all of the important legal documents and contract templates they need to legally scale their business.

Amira attributes the majority of her blog's revenue to affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and the creation of her own digital products. "I get paid to share and recommend products that I love," she explains. "I also sell over 25 different legal contract templates that business owners can instantly download to protect their business," she adds. She also coaches new bloggers how to start and scale their blogging business. Simply set up a call with her to discuss how you can start this side hustle from home and earn money. She says, "the key is to create content that helps people solve their problems." She addresses the business and legal issues that her target audience is facing through her blog posts and various legal templates.

Amira Irfan is a critically acclaimed author with a very successful book- "23 Legal Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur." This ebook will teach you how to avoid common legal mistakes in your business so that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your online business is safe and secure. She uses her background as a teacher to break down complex legal concepts into simple terms that business owners can understand, and she freely shares her knowledge in her Facebook support group, A Self Guru Biz Blog Community.

Amira has a 5-star rating from her customers and engages with her community of over 50,000 email subscribers and thousands of social media followers on a regular basis. Her insights have been recognized and featured in numerous publications, including Yahoo Finance, Business Digest Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, CEO Blog Nation, LadyBoss Blogger, and many others. Sign up for her free legal guide on her website to ensure your business is operating legally.