Aminhossein Rad is a pioneer in Middle East's crypto industry

Aminhossein Rad

The crypto industry is only in its infancy and constantly evolving. According to Aminhossein Rad, it is ever-expanding and is bound to reach unbelievable heights. Aminhossein is known to be the founding father of the over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading industry in the Emirates helping thousands of people invest in crypto and get on board with this fascinating technology. UAE OTC market today consists of a dynamic and robust performance accommodating traders from all over the world and drawing the attention of industry leaders for being one of the most competitive and regulatory-friendly spaces.

Furthermore, Aminhossein was one of the key people in negotiating with UAE's government sector to embrace and license crypto businesses and his crypto brokerage startup, Crypto Desk, was one of the first in the country to obtain a license to operate this business legally.

Aminhossein Rad had humble beginnings and soon became an industry leader. He is one of the most notable and respected entrepreneurs in the region. Even though Rad has an electrical engineering background, being the leader of a company that operates in the cutting-edge and competitive industry of cryptocurrencies has pushed him to amass valuable experiences and become an expert in vast areas like finance, banking, IT, marketing, and HR management. Aminhossein prides himself on being one of the key people in developing a positive and productive crypto community in the UAE together.

According to this DeFi pioneer, digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs have emerged as the most promising investment option all because of their technological potential, and many have begun to realize this, the reason why the presence of these investment options is being established on a wide scale. Speaking about the sudden spurt of investors hovering around this space, Aminhossein says, "people have realized the potential of the digital asset space and are taking it as a better investment option than others, and that's the reason this space is seeing an unbelievable spurt."

Digital asset investments have huge potential and are bound to give massive returns according to Aminhossein who has acquainted himself with the vast world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He says that cryptocurrencies debuted into the digital finance sphere a decade back but were kept at a distance by investors due to the inconsistency in their workings, however with time they emerged as winners and eventually made it to the top of investors' list. It is a proven fact that decentralized digital currencies are performing stronger than any other asset classes and are bound to stay here for a long time.

Aminhossein Rad was one of the few who has been observing the crypto space from the beginning and that helped him master its workings to the core, which made him the visionary industry leader he is today.

Aminhossein stepped into this space in early 2016 as he started his crypto business in the over-the-counter crypto brokerage space, which was quite an unconventional venture at that time. Having faith in what he was doing, he founded Crypto Desk with the vision to streamline the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies for businesses and individuals in the UAE and introduced to them the economic opportunities of adopting crypto transactions. He has been leading his entity since then which has evolved into the most trusted B2B service

provider in the country facilitating crypto payments and OTC services to more than 3000 corporate customers.

What is Crypto Desk?

Crypto Desk is a UAE-based platform for easy cryptocurrency exchange with good trading volume and the best exchange rates in the region. Crypto Desk is the first and only OTC exchange in the world that offers zero fees for the exchange of more than 500 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the firm offers exclusive services such as facilitating payment for real estate transactions with cryptocurrency. With the help of Crypto Desk, thousands of investors have succeeded to purchase their dream real estate property in Dubai via cryptocurrency payments.

The company was one of the first in the UAE to receive a crypto trading license from authorities pioneering the adoption of cryptocurrencies in a regulatory-compliant way. Amir Hossein Rad, the CEO of Crypto Desk, has been working towards constructing a productive crypto community in the Emirates and among other crypto entrepreneurs. Rad predicts that his localized model will flourish across the globe; he believes local exchanges know the conditions and regulations of local markets better than their international competitors, giving them the edge and insight to do better in local markets.

Rad is optimistic that the OTC market will flourish due to its more direct and intimate nature than giant international exchange platforms. For many, dealing person-to-person is more comfortable when making huge one-off transactions. Aminhossein was also featured in CoinTelegraph as one of the top 20 notable crypto figures in Dubai.

Get connected to him on Twitter @aminhosseinrad and learn more about how he and his company are transforming the UAE's financial landscape.