Amid Protests, Clashes, Here's How Trump Did Not Fail His Supporters at BOK Center in Tulsa

Trump's Tulsa rally witnessed very few in attendance on Saturday

It was the first time for the representative of Republicans that US President Donald Trump witnessed a countable number of attendees in his election rally. The Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Center in Tulsa that can easily accommodate 20,000 people, had just a few hundreds on Saturday when Trump made his way to the stage where he addressed his supporters.

However, Trump stepped in as always and called the participants of the rally 'warriors' and then started his speech with the words 'Let's make America great again'. However, the scene was not that pleasant outside the BOK arena. Even before Trump had arrived, the streets in Tulsa were packed with two groups – his supporters and the protesters who were agitated enough to continue the protests yelling late George Floyd's name.

Unlike the previous rallies where images and videos, hailing Donald Trump and his crew went viral even before the US President arrived at the venue, Tulsa turned out to be all about the mob. The very first pictures of the arena were posted by the White House Correspondent Jeff Mason that showed all the upper seats of the BOK empty. Many started posting a panoramic view inside the arena that clearly showed almost all the seats empty. A handful of Trump's supporters gathered when Trump started his address.

Program announced for African American's

Donald Trump

The speech that started at 7.10 pm in Tulsa was quite appealing to the attendees as one of the announcements by Trump was the installation of John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in Tulsa on the African American Civil Rights Network. This program is aimed at telling the stories of people, places, and events that are associated with the African American Civil Rights movement in the US.

The President then appealed to the attendees and said "We will stand proud and we will stand tall," referring to the "left-wing" and called out the people in the arena to stand up for American values. He once again mocked at his opponent and a contender in US Presidential Elections of 2020, Joe Biden, and remarked that "Joe Biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left."

Trump's Event Manager Screwed up, Big Time

Meanwhile, the happenings outside the arena seem to have grabbed the attention of netizens from around the world. Trump's supporters and Geroge Floyd protesters confronted each other right outside the venue in Tulsa, the video of which went viral on social media.

Twitteratti started posting such videos from Tulsa, where a black woman is seen in a verbal clash with a white man in a hat. Donald Trump's event manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter and wrote, "Radical protesters blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering." He also thanked the few thousands who attended the rally.

Trump's Tulsa rally might be the worst in terms of audience this time, but what went worse was the PR done for the event, by Parscale. During and after the rally, several users trolled Trump's event manager over his claims that there are at least 800,000 tickets for the event.

Not just this, Parscale had tweeted, "Almost 100K concurrent viewers watching the #TrumpRallyTulsa on our YouTube. 35K on Facebook. That doesn't include any of the simulcasts we're sending out. Total playbacks today across all platforms: 2.6 million Enthusiasm for @realDonaldTrump," the tweet claimed. Parscale has also claimed that the venue will have many in attendance, so many that the outside area of the rally will also be packed. However, it all turned to be false hopes that fell wrong on his planning of the rally.

Hell Lot of Entertainment for Trump's Supporters

This was the first time in three months that Trump was out for the re-election rally, and he seems to have entertained the attendees quite well. He did manage to entertain the audience this time with this ramp walk. The media a few days back had reported on Trump's health when he looked exhausted lifting a glass of water in the US Military Academy.

Trump took the Tulsa rally's stage for a ramp walk that left the audience laughing. The 74-year-old Trump told the people in the rally, "I can't fall with the fake news watching." He ripped apart the media coverage of the West Point ramp walk and clarified, "Saluting 600 cadets made him a bit exhausted in the military academy, However, I'll tell you if there's something wrong with me," Trump told the Tulsa crowd and in a mockery, he added, "I'll tell you what, there's something wrong with [Joe] Biden -- that I can tell."

Images of Trump's rally inside the BOK Center of Tulsa on Saturday
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