Americans Extremely Worried About Biden's Mental Health; Whites And Latinos More Doubtful About 79-Year-Old's Decision Making Capacity

Most Americans are worried about President Joe Biden's mental health, according to a recent survey. At least 59% of the respondents are concerned about 79-year-old's mental health.

According to the Issues & Insights/TIPP poll released Monday, 59% of respondents were "concerned" about the president's mental health, with 36% saying they were "very concerned" and 23% "somewhat concerned."

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39% of Democrats Worried About Biden's Mental Condition

Just 39% said they were either "not very concerned" (18%) or "not concerned at all" (21%) about Biden's faculties, according to New York Post.

The survey found that 39% of Democrats say they are worried about Biden's mental condition. While 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents are also worried about the president's health condition.

61% of Hispanics Are Worried About Biden's Mental Health

The Issues & Insights/TIPP poll also shows that among the various demographic categories, responses were surprisingly uniform. Men and women, for instance, were identical in their concern over Biden's mental health at 59% each, while those saying they weren't concerned included 39% of men and 38% of women.

When respondents were separated into different categories on the basis of ethnicity and race, it emerged that 61% of Hispanics are worried about Biden's mental health. While 63% of whites are concerned about the president's health.

One group was a noticeable exception: blacks, among whom just 44% said they're worried about Biden's mental state, while 53% said they aren't, according to the survey.

Even looking at responses by age group didn't show much difference, with 59% of those 18-24, 62% of those 25-44, 57% of those 45-64, and 56% of those 65 and over saying they were worried about the commander in chief's mental well-being, according to the Issues and Insights.

In all, the poll found that a large number of respondents are concerned over Biden's cognitive health.

It has taken on political urgency with the looming 2022 midterm elections, which, if Republicans prevail, could well turn Biden into a lame duck, according to Issues and Insights.

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This article was first published on August 11, 2022