American Airlines Removes Mother and Asthmatic Toddler Who Couldn't Wear a Mask on Flight

American Airlines allegedly removed a mother and her asthmatic toddler from a flight after the child was struggling to wear his face mask. The mother took to Instagram and has described the incident as "most humiliating/traumatizing experience," because of the actions of the flight attendant.

Amanda Pendarvis
Amanda Pendarvis shared on her Instagram story that she, her son and her mother were taken off Flight 1284 on Monday and claimed that her son was having an asthma attack. Twitter

Amanda Pendarvis was on American Airlines Flight 1284 from Dallas Fort Worth to Colorado Springs Monday with her mother, and toddler son Waylon, 2. She claimed that her family was met by police after their flight to was turned around following an altercation with a flight attendant.

"He had the plane turned around and had us escorted off to be met by police officers: Why? Wait for it... because my 2 year old was not properly wearing a mask," Pendarvis wrote on an Instagram story.

Kicked Off the Flight Because the Toddler was Unable to Wear a Mask

Pendarvis, who claims she was referred to by the flight attendant named Carl as a "non-compliant traveler," went on to state that she had attempted to show the flight attendant a negative COVID-19 test for her son to no avail, according to the Daily Dot.

Amanda Pendarvis
Amanda Pendarvis said American Airlines kicked her and her asthmatic son off flight because the toddler was having difficulty wearing mask Twitter

A Twitter user claiming to be Pendarvis' friend shared several images including one that seemed to show the mother trying to keep a mask on her son. The toddler was shown in a video screaming and crying as his mother tried to put the face mask on him and said 'no' as she tried to comfort him, reported Metro.

"I was not refusing a mask. Nor did I even say I wouldn't try to keep a mask on my son," Pendarvis said. "We were escorted off the plane as I was holding a mask over his little face. I genuinely don't have words."

Pendarvis claimed that despite informing the flight attendant that his son has asthma, he "did not care" that Waylon was "literally hyperventilating."

American Airlines Said That They Were Not Informed Waylon was Asthmatic

American Airlines confirmed the incident, saying that the toddler had been out of his seat, and that federal regulations require passengers wear face coverings

The airline said crew members were never made aware that the child was having an asthma attack or issues breathing, according to Fox News.

Social Media Divided

As soon as the news broke out, some social media users are expressing their anger and at American Airlines while others are calling the mother as anti-vaxxer. "This is despicable behavior by the airline," shared one internet user. Another person said, "Hey @AmericanAir F OFF!! This is Fu*king PATHETIC!!!! It's a 2 year old!"

One person wrote, "I'm very pro vaccine but this is nuts! Poor mother and baby. You could see the pain in both. Do people not see suffering for what it is? Did they not have one healthcare person to double check the situation? AA apparently doesn't train their personal very well."

Another wrote, "Mother apparently did NOT read AA COVID policy. AA did their job to protect all passengers...Even 2 year olds can pass the virus. Get over it! She's an anti vaxxer..That says it all."

One comment read, "Poor baby.. what have we become! People stop this nonsense. That child is too young to be expected to wear a mask."

One person twitted, "So if your child is asthmatic, why are they not wearing a mask as recommended by the pediatric Association of America? So you're just letting your kid who has no protection against Covid and has a disease that would make him probably die if he gets it."