Amber Heard Gets Marriage Proposal from Saudi Arabian Man, Detractors Accuse Her of Cooking Up the Story

Not in the least ready to buy anything that Amber Heard says, some detractors have termed her story of getting a marriage proposal from a Saudi man as "another lie".

Amber Heard reportedly got a marriage proposal from a Saudi Arabian man soon after she lost the legal battle to her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The Saudi man had sent a voice note on Heard's Instagram page stating that he is much better than the 'old man' Johnny Depp and also added that she should marry him as she had nothing left now.

The news has attracted the attention of the social media followers who are sharing their opinions at different platforms.

Amber Heard

Is Amber Heard Desperate to Get Some Appreciation?

Where on one side, some of Heard's fans have come out in her support saying that she is still the best and wanted by attractive men. Her detractors on the other hand have lashed out at her and have accused her of telling another lie. They have also stated that she is "desperate" to get some appreciation for which she has stooped to this level of staging an act of a Saudi man asking her to marry him.

According to a news published in India Today, the Saudi man has promised to fill Heard's life with joy and happiness. "Amber since all doors are closing on you, you have no one except me to take care of you. I've noticed that some people hate and bully you, therefore, I decided to marry you. May Allah bless us both. You are a blessing, but people don't appreciate that. I am better than that old man," he says in the voice note.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion stating, " Amber Heard Gets Proposal From Saudi Man: "Since All Doors Closing On You..." Really a Prince from Saudi Arabia? If not a Nigeria Prince type of scam, why not use real identity to make the proposal! Is this posting Amber trying to get Musk jealous?

Another user wrote, "Hey guys. Would you bail out this woman with$ After her lies and lays, with so many men. She's toxic, no?" "Oh yes, teach and her how to be an obedient and subservient woman wearing a hijab," read a tweet.