AMBER alert issued for missing 15-month-old: Events still shrouded in mystery

  • The child has been missing since December and was reported missing only few weeks ago

  • Inconsistencies in the mother's stories lead to further suspicions

Authorities have apprehended two individuals in connection with an AMBER Alert issued for a missing child in Tennessee. Evelyn Boswell, the 15-month-old was missing since December 26, 2019, was only placed under the alert on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said that the search for the young child continues.

The authorities were looking for two persons of interest relating to the case. They were travelling in a grey BMW, which was located in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The TBI tweeted the alert along with information about the child. The BMW that was stolen was found with William McCloud and Angela Boswell who was arrested having in possession of the stolen property. Although the police said that the driver had information about Evelyn, they didn't call them a suspect.

Inconsistencies with the mother's statements

Sullivan County,Tennessee
Sullivan County,Tennessee Google Maps

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office has started to reveal further information about the situation. Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said that Boswell's family hasn't seen the toddler in weeks. The last report of seeing Boswell was by her babysitter in December. During a press conference, the Sheriff said that the baby girl is still alive. Law enforcement from Sullivan has sought the public's help in finding the child.

Megan "Maggie" Boswell, the child's mother has been involved in the investigation. But, there are media reports showing the mother leaving the Bristol, Tennessee Courthouse. The Sheriff said that they are not aware of why Megan was in the courthouse. Cassidy believes that the information that Megan has provided the Sheriff's office is inaccurate and there were several irregularities in her story. Evelyn's father is in the US military and is stationed in Louisiana.

The police are still unsure of why it took a long time for Evelyn Boswell to be reported missing. So far, the police have received 200 or so tips regarding the child but haven't released it in the fear of the information hurting the investigation.

Ex-boyfriend says he never met the baby

According to a man who dated Evelyn's mother, the child was never seen when he 'casually dated' Megan sometime in December. Hunter Wood told WJHL-TV that even though he was with Megan before December he never saw the toddler around. The man told the reporter that Megan said that the child was with her father while he was home for holidays.

According to the alert issued in the state, Evelyn is two ft tall and 28 lbs in weight. The child has blue eyes and blonde hair. It is reported that she was wearing a pink tracksuit, pink shoes, and a pink bow when she went missing.