Forget Facebook, Amazon launches own social networking platform Spark for shoppers

Amazon Spark will serve as an exclusive social media platform for prospective online shoppers

Amazon has launched its own platform in the social media space taking advantage of its immense scope and sclability. With Amazon Spark, the e-commerce giant seeks to create a podium for its shoppers to connect with other users with similar interests, effectively substituting the requirement for Facebook or Twitter.

Amazon Spark is a social media platform on iOS designed for shoppers looking to discover things from people of similar interests. Much like Pinterest and Instagram rolled into one, the platform gives users an easy way to satiate their interests with a wide range of inspiration from the latest trends in fashion to the best fitness equipment. If you like a product from your feed, the buy button is just right within reach.

The app will show you things you might want to buy, and everything that appears on your feed is based on the interests you have selected after signing up. Contents of your feed are from other Amazon customers who have similar interests. Whenever you like a product, just tap on photos or product links with the shopping bag icon. You can also comment or use a smiling emoji to show them some love.

Users can post their product or story right at the top of the interface. However, only paying members can take advantage of Spark. To contribute to Customer Reviews or Customer Answers, or post on Customer Discussion Forums, or to follow other contributors, users must have spent at least $50 on using a valid credit or debit card.

Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don't apply towards the $50 minimum. In addition, to contribute to Spark users must also have a paid Prime subscription. However, this requirement isnot required to read content posted by others or view questions, lists, or registries.

As of now, Amazon Spark is available in the US. You can access it right on the Amazon app for iPhone. Go to the main menu, select "Programs and Features", then tap "Amazon Spark". For those who have privacy issues, Spark will publish their posts, comments, interests, customer reviews, and Amazon Profile. However, their browsing and purchase history will not be shown in public.

Amazon has invited publishers, social media influencers, and various niche bloggers to post on Spark. Their posts are marked with a sponsored tag.