Amazon Alexa is finally coming to Android

Beginning Saturday, Amazon Alexa will be live on Android phones.

Amazon has just revealed that it is bringing its intelligent voice assistant Alexa to Android phones. This week, Android phone owners can finally get a glimpse of the "most skilled" artificial intelligence-powered assistant right through the Amazon app.

Amazon Alexa is jumping on board Android phones beginning this week as announced on Twitter Friday SGT by software engineer and Alexa champion Nick Schwab. He stressed that Alexa will be a main feature of the Amazon app and not a standalone. Hence, the Android version of Alexa is very limited.

However, Android phone users cannot ask Alexa to search, deliver news, predict the weather, and use its add-on skills, among many others, TechCrunch reported. Schwab and his team have released in June their game version of Deal or No Deal on Amazon for free. Users can ask Alexa to open selected cases and other related tasks.

There was no official announcement from Amazon's end, but it has confirmed Alexa as a feature on the Amazon app. The voice assistant is now discoverable on the Amazon app but has not been enabled yet.

Amazon is making a step to take advantage of Alexa's popularity by reaching out to more audiences who do not have a full understanding of how the voice assistant works without having to own its home device Amazon Echo and others. As a result, once they conclude they needed Alexa at home, this could be one way to push Amazon Echo sales further.