Amazon acquisition spree: Is Jeff Bezos eyeing media companies?

"I wouldn't be surprised if we see big acquisitions in media from [Amazon]."


Amazon and Jeff Bezos, don't they seem unstoppable now with all their share market and acquisition stories? Well, the latest remark by the ex-Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn has the entire industry asking one single question, "Who will Amazon acquire next?"

Following the latest acquisition by Bezos' company, the Whole Foods, Levinsohn said, "I wouldn't be surprised if we see big acquisitions in media from [Amazon]."

In an interaction with CNBC the former CEO of Yahoo said, "If you're Jeff Bezos and you just saw a $14 billion purchase just yield a [multi] billion dollar increase in value, you're licking your chops. I think this is the first of many."

Amazon has a long history of acquisition. Apart from Whole Foods, the company had previously bought Diapers, Zappos, and Twitch.

Bezos has already forayed into the media business "quietly" and according to Ross Levinsohn "I wouldn't be surprised ... you know we're gonna see [them make] a big run on acquisition in the media space, potentially," reported CNBC.

Reportedly Amazon was not only interested in Whole Foods. "There was a swerve over the last two days about them buying Slack," said Levinsohn. "They surprised everybody and bought a physical retailer," he added.

"Are cars off limits to Amazon?" said Levinsohn. "What if they bought UPS?"

This article was first published on June 18, 2017