Amanda Hicks: Murdered Teacher Underwent Abortion After Boyfriend Suspected Her; Dubbed Diaz As Worthy Partner

Carlos Diaz, the 25-year-old boyfriend of Amanda Hicks, a teache who committed suicide after killing his lover, was aware of Hicks being unfaithful to him. Hicks and Diaz were found dead on the floor of her home at the Peacock Run complex on Northwest East Torino Parkway in Port St. Lucie, on Saturday.

Amanda Hicks
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Hicks Had Undergone Abortion

As reported previously, the couple was found dead around 11:45 am when police broke open the door after they heard her 10-month-old daughter crying inside the closed apartment. According to the Port St. Lucie Police Department, a relative of the man found dead next to Hicks asked for a welfare check, which prompted cops to be sent to the home.

The couple had moved into their new house, along with their daughter, Alani, barely three weeks ago. Speaking to the New York Post, close friends of the couple said that they had issues among themselves and were working towards resolving the same. The outlet reported that Hicks had recently undergone an abortion after suspicions were raised about who the father was.

It was also revealed by the outlet that both Diaz and Hicks had a run in with law in the past. While Diaz had an assault case resulting from an incident at a bar in 2020, Hicks was twice charged with driving under the influence in 2019 and 2021. She was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor.

Hicks Termed Diaz as 'Worthy Partner'

Revealing further about the life of the teacher, who met Diaz three years ago while working in a Port St. Lucie school, the source that even though the couple had alcohol fuelled heated arguments, Hicks felt that he was a worthy partner.

"He was the best boyfriend she'd had. He treated her very well in public, he was gentle with her. But he had a temper, that was sort of there in the background," a close friend told the outlet.

"She said they were working through it. But I think that was an issue among others and he just went into a rage. A blind rage. They were in love. Amanda had been in some bad relationships with really controlling boyfriends. But she was so happy with Carlos. They were both really passionate about teaching and kids, they bonded over that," the outlet was told.