Amal Khamis Advocates in Dubai Surpasses Many Law Firms and Emerges as Top in Dubai

Amal Khamis

The escalating levels of financial crimes are a big concern today. The remarkable speculations of investments and other finances have led to an upsurge in criminal activities that involves embezzlement, frauds, forgery, business disputes, and many others which leave many individuals financially crippled. While law enforcement institutions are doing the best they can, the very need of the victim is getting proper legal knowledge to exercise their rights and duties. Over the past few years, Amal Khamis Advocates emerged as one of the top law firms in UAE. Its founder and head of litigation Alaa Al Houshy started this firm when he recognized the need for legal knowledge in the masses and also the lack of institutions that can work for the betterment of the victims.

He has dedicated a huge chunk of his life- over 20 years in practicing law, as a legal advisor of both investor and contractor. He believes that companies synergistic with legal educational background eases the procedure of understanding and enables him to advise them on effective allocation of business risks. His professional life is quite diverse given his number of cases ranging from local and foreign corporations and a broad range of corporate, commercial, and regulatory matters internationally and locally regarding various aspects of UAE Law including consortiums and joint ventures; structuring share purchase agreements, shareholders agreements, guarantee arrangements, strategic alliances, project development agreements, providing legal advice on corporate transactions, competition law, business law and disputes, project finance, privatizations, medical law, energy law and regulatory matters, public tenders, construction law, EPC Projects, labor law, tax law, and foreign investments. Mr. Alaa practices in the areas of insurance, criminal, real estate, and business and commercial law, with emphasis on insurance coverage, civil litigation, real estate, and business transactions.

Mr. Alaa got inspired by the lack of relevance in the legal advice which is circulated among innocent people. He always understood the need for better guidance which can help prosecute the criminals and also safeguard his clients from any criminal intimidation. After graduating from the university he made it his life goal to open an institution that can help thousands of people. Mr. Alaa is also planning to start his very own web portal, which will hold updated legal knowledge that will be readily available for all. This initiative will create a society that is legally aware and can protect itself from any possible threat. The Amal Khamis Advocates is a great institution that helped many. Being the top law firm of Dubai its influence is unmistakable.