Alyssa Chia talks about daughter Bubu outshining her in Chinese reality show Super Mom

The actress will let her daughter be an endorsement model or child actress if the suitable opportunity arrives.

Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia's second daughter has been getting quite a lot of attention these days. Little Bubu, who is just eight months old, is being praised for her camera friendliness and oodles of cuteness which she showers on the reality TV show.

The 41-year-old and her second daughter Bubu are currently filming for a Chinese reality show, Super Moms. The duo entered the show last month and have already become popular among viewers.

In a recent interview at a Charity event, Chia shared her views on the gaining popularity of Bubu. The actress stated that Bubu is a pleasant baby and her popularity among fans is outclassing her's.

On asked if the actress will let her daughter be an endorsement model or child actress, Alyssa asserted that if something good comes her way, she would be happy to grab the opportunity for her.

"She's not even 1 yet, though she does look very cute. If there's a suitable opportunity, I'll let her try it out, " Alyssa told Toggle.

Talking about Bubu's camera presence, the actress told the media outlet that even cameramen praise the eight-month-old by saying that she "always looks at the camera."

However the actress also joked 'that the reason why Bubu always seems to be looking at the camera might not be because she's not camera-shy, but because her eyes are so big, it always looks like she's looking straight into the camera, ' stated media outlet

Reportedly, Bubu has also been crowned as the "Youngest Internet Celebrity" by netizens.