Along with Blue Origin Justin Sun is Ready to Explore the Vast Universe

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Justin Sun

News of Justin Sun's recent announcement that he and five other astronauts will fly the New Shepard over the Kármán Line went around the world. According to reports, on December 22, Justin Sun agreed to cooperate with Blue Origin and get six seats in the New Shepard rocket. With the one for himself, the names of 5 astronauts from different fields will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Real Inspiration or Hot Buzz

Justin's last famous appearance is that of the young billionaire who paid 4.6 million to sit down with legendary investor Warren Buffet. After handing Warren Buffett, a folded-up Samsung phone with one Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, he was ruthlessly told, "I do not own cryptocurrency and I never will." thus, ending the event. The media spoke of a 'confrontation' between blockchain and traditional finance.

This time, Justin Sun has his eye on Jeff Bezos' precious Blue Origin. He successfully bid $28 million for the first flight of the 'New Shepard' in June this year, and on the 22nd of this month he issued a joint statement with Blue Origin to extend their collaboration on the "Sea of Stars" campaign.

There have been many rumors that the $28 million spaceflight cost, considered extremely uneconomical, was also donated to the Club for the Future Foundation established by Blue Origin in 2019. After receiving $28 million in donations, the Club for the Future announced on July 14 that it would donate $19 million to 19 nonprofit organizations.

Each of the selected organizations has made a commitment to the future of living and working in space to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in space. They enhance Club for the Future's ability to reach students, educators and communities and inspire them to embrace the excitement and adventure of innovation and space exploration. These organizations include the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Foundation, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, the Planetary Society, etc.

In the three years from 2019 to 2021, two Forbes Top 5 had an intersection with Justin Sun in a given time and space. Although the interaction is inextricably linked to Justin Sun's forward-thinking marketing strategy, but none of that matters because the essence behind the hot buzz he's created is charity and inspiration.

Experience the Grace of Space

Justin Sun talks about "exploring the beginning of the human chapter" in the context of the "Sea of Stars" campaign he is working on with Blue Origin.

With the blessing of the New Shepard rocket, it only takes 11 minutes to take a wonderful space trip. While contemplating the grace of space, passengers can experience the pleasure of flying beyond the horizon, seeing the sunlight at the edge of the atmosphere, and enjoying the distant universe draped over your head like a giant black curtain, and when you look around, only the stars shine.

Since the Age of Discovery, people have explored the unknown world in the past, before European merchants sailed all the way to legendary ancient India in search of spices and gold, Magellan completed the voyage around the world, the Wright Brothers and the flight-loving Hughes brought people from the Great Voyages to the Age of Aeronautics, and then modern elites like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk made 'space travel' a dream for a few today. Justin Sun's exploits are just beginning. Perhaps in the future, just as he is currently proud of the Tron Ecosystem as a financial tool for everyone, he will complete the process of quantifying "from a minority to a majority."