All You Need to Know about Podcast Host and Influencer Tom Caravela

Tom Caravela

The podcast community has been getting a lot of popularity in recent years. Many experts and influencers have started their own podcasts for listeners to learn through their experiences in a certain field. Tom Caravela is the host of MSL Talk, a popular Medical Affairs / Medical Science Liaison focused podcast with 150,000+ listeners from more than 50 countries. He is the Managing Partner of The Carolan Group, a recruitment and executive search firm for Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Affairs professionals as well as a Certified Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach.

Tom is an expert in the Medical Affairs space. He leads a team of Medical Affairs Recruiters, Sourcers, and Account Managers for the placement of direct hire and outsourced professionals to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He and his team specialize in Medical Science Liaison builds/expansions as well as recruitment for various levels of Medical / Scientific Affairs professionals. To cater to his client's specialized requirements, Tom has designed a detailed screening and recruitment process that is proprietary for providing top Medical Affairs Professionals.

Tom Caravela has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has been managing The Carolan Group for 20 years as a leading Medical Affairs Executive Search Firm that specializes in identifying top talent for its clients. The company is highly niche-focused, client-driven, and fully dedicated to the scientific community.

When asked why he started the MSL Talk Podcast, Caravela commented, "I wanted to find a way to communicate best practices and offer professional advice for the medical affairs community. Articles and videos are great but the podcast is an effective medium for sharing content and broadcasting information to industry professionals as well as those looking to break into industry". Tom is optimistic that through the podcast, MSLs and Medical Affairs professionals can gain valuable insights and learn from some of the smartest minds in the industry. New episodes of the MSL Talk podcasts are released each week on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. Followers can also find episodes regularly on his YouTube channel by searching "MSL Talk".

When asked if he expected the podcast to find this much success and followership, Tom said, "I am overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by how the podcast has taken off. I did not expect this much of a reaction, especially with the global community. The podcast is consistently ranked in the top 2% globally in the Careers category for all podcasts. So there is a huge community interested in learning and developing their career in Medical Affairs. I am honored and humbled". Caravela attributes the show's success to his guests. "The key ingredient to the podcast is by far all the brilliant and incredibly talented guests that have been so gracious to join me in this journey. I really owe it to them for the incredible success and popularity of the show".

Tom is truly dedicated to his profession as an industry leader and influencer. He understands the weight of the responsibility he carries to empower Medical Science Liaisons around the world. Through his recruitment firm and podcast, Tom is motivated to continue the effort of guiding others on a path to success in the pharmaceutical industry. He ended our interview with a big smile on his face and final comment, "so much more to come...stay tuned"!