All you need to know about Chinmoy Kashyap and his earnest transition from an AD to Director

Chinmoy Kashyap

Young and dynamic director Chinmoy Kashyap is all set to treat the masses with his first-ever film as a director which is set to release by end of this year. Chinmoy came to Mumbai with a dream to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and signed up for a filmmaking course where he got an opportunity to work as an Assistant Director on various TV serials and Web films.

Today, Chinmoy is gearing up for his first directorial venture and shares his earnest transition from being an assistant director to the director. He shares, "From being an AD to a director, the change is huge. The pressure of being a director is so much more than being an assistant to the director. Also in any project, there are always 2-3 ADs so you never feel the pressure directly. Now that I am the director every perspective changes. Earlier I used to rely upon the director for what to do and what not. But now someone else is dependent on me".

At an earlier age, Chinmoy started off his career as a professional editor. Owing to his passion and love for filmmaking, Chinmoy decided to switch to the direction at the age of 19 and came to Mumbai. In the past, Chinmoy had worked as an editor for various brands like Kit-Kat, Nestle Coffee, Maggie, etc.

Chinmoy Kashyap who is currently 23 years old had faced a lot of ups and downs while carving his place in the entertainment industry. From surviving in this city to making contacts and growing in the industry, Chinmoy has done it all until he finally embarked on his journey as a director.

Chinmoy is also a well-known Screenwriter, Photographer & Musician who is fond of anything and everything related to the art and entertainment industry, and his social media is a legit proof of it.