Alienware Concept Nyx: How it Revolutionizes PC Gaming, An Explainer

Cloud gaming platforms are best known for effortless access to tons of games from anywhere across the world by connecting to a distant data center. Unlike struggling and grappling for closer WiFi and hotspot connections, the Concept Nyx, a somewhat, far better version, or similar to the cloud gaming model, is changing the definition of how games are played online and offline.

Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia have already brought their A-Game into the picture by introducing cloud gaming to the gamers way back. But the problem is only one gamer can access the game and experience the thrill altogether. What if multiple gamers want to play the same game by sitting under one roof? Is it even possible or are we just sitting on the cushioned couch and dreaming about such things and possibilities to happen?

Big Leap

Well then, there's good news for you. It's happening - thanks to Concept Nyx, you can stream the same game your family member or your peer is playing in the same house but a different room. Isn't that fascinating? There's more than what meets the eye. PC gaming is one such billion-dollar industry that many gaming competitors haven't tapped into completely yet. This new work by Alienware Concept Nyx is one big leap towards progressive innovation in high-end PC gaming.

Concept Nyx, a work-in-progress project, is delivering everything locally. "It could offer lower latency, greater bandwidth, and more responsiveness - ultimately solving some of the performance shortfalls of current alternatives like cloud gaming. This means multiplayer latency could reach single-digit milliseconds to dramatically decrease any lag of modern-day cloud gaming systems", wrote Glen Robson, CTO, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, in the blog post.

Eliminates Hardware

Earlier, with the Xbox series and PS5, gamers struggled with different hardware setups. The brand new Concept Nyx eliminates hardware, allowing multiple gamers to access and stream multiple games on one screen. Say, you are playing CyberPunk 2077 on your big PC, and your friend is playing a different game. In between, you took a break to finish up some work. Your friend can take over your game and continue from where you left by sitting in his room itself.

Astounding Concept

The best part of the Concept Nyx idea is that gamers can explore and experience the high-end PC games on non-gaming devices without the need for a graphic card. Additionally, the Concept Nyx also brings families closer by enabling two people to play two different games on one shared screen. For instance, if you play Rocket League on one part of the screen, your family member can play his/her favorite game on the other side of the screen. Not only this astounding concept enhances the proximity between two people but also allows them to savor the gaming thrill.

"We have been looking at how to power four-game, streams simultaneously, smart switching among devices, and drawing from a central library of all your games regardless of where you purchase them. Gaming on Concept Nyx aims to be as effortless as accessing your favorite music, TV shows, and movies. Imagine a simple app loaded on each device delivering instant access to all your games for a more seamless gaming experience across devices in the home. Imagine no more fighting with your family or roommates over game time (you can still fight over groceries and laundry)", said Glenn Robson.