Aliens visited Earth: Mysterious 7 lights in the sky prompt UFO fears [VIDEO]

Ivan Rusev has shared a video of one-minute-39-second that showed the mysterious lights in the sky.

UFO spotted in Ukraine
A screen grab from video

The villagers in Odessa Oblast, which is a province in southwestern Ukraine, claimed that aliens visited Earth after spotting some mysterious lights in the sky this week. The strange lights raised UFO speculation among the residents.

Ivan Rusev has shared a video of one-minute-39-second that showed the mysterious lights in the sky. Initially, the video shows six strange lights, but later another light appeared. The seventh light appears after a light that is seen dropping mysteriously splits into two.

Rusev said that the lights were in the formation of an airplane and it appeared "out of the blue" at a "significant height and was in the sky for 12-15 minutes before disappearing."

The residents of the village were quite baffled after spotting such lights. Some of them said that the lights actually signaled an alien invasion. "Those UFOs came to claim what it theirs," one social media user said. While, another user said: "Those usually appear when something is about to happen".

Meanwhile, a third user posted on social media that "this looks like a formation of large fireballs at high altitude. The question is why do those appear now? What triggers those and why we did not see those before?"

However, the Ukrainian army has released a statement explaining the mysterious phenomenon and has dismissed all the rumours about alien invasion and UFO. Mail Online has even quoted an army spokesman as saying that the lights are nothing but targets used by Ukrainian Marines during a military drill.

According to reports, several mysterious lights had baffled citizens during the massive earthquake in Mexico in September. The 8.4 magnitude earthquake also showed blue, green and red flashes throughout the night sky that were later explained by experts as Earthquake Lights. "Earthquake lights have never been proven. Simpler explanation is small explosions in electric generators and power systems," Seismologist Stephen Hicks told Metro News.