Aliens Send Radio Energy Signals 20 Times Stronger Than Usual to Earth; Wow Signal Comes From 1,800 Light-Years Away

An unusual signal sent from another solar system was received on Earth decades back, claimed a scientist. The strange signal, which stunned scientists, was received on August 15, 1977. The unusual radio energy is known as 'Wow' which lasted for a minute, claimed the scientist.

The name of the message came after astronomer Jerry Ehman wrote the word next to a printout of the data. Scientists were left stunned as the "Wow!" signal was 20 times stronger than average background emissions, according to The Sun.

Astronomer Jerry Ehman wrote
Astronomer Jerry Ehman wrote "Wow" next to a printout of the data. Twitter

Signal Was Picked Up By SETI

The signal, which was picked up by its extraterrestrial intelligence telescopes, is believed to be the best signal picked up by SETI telescopes.

Scientists have called it possibly the first of Earth's communication with other planetary lives. Researchers had worked for years to find the exact source but they could not determine it. But astronomer Alberto Caballero argues that he has possibly found the source of the signal. The astronomer underlined a Sun-sized star, claiming it was the source of the signal.

Signal Could Have Taken Centuries to Reach Earth

Caballero started analyzing images of the galaxy collected by the European Space Agency's Gaia mission.

Based on certain factors, he focused his analysis on two specific areas. He identified one of the sources which showed similarity to the Sun.

The star listed as 2MASS 19281982-2640123, located at 1800 light-years from Earth, is similar to the Sun in temperature and size. The astronomer also claimed that the star could be the most likely area for an alien signal as it has a solar analog.

Caballero underlined that any signal sent from the star could take nearly centuries to reach Earth and pointed out that signal has also assured the possibility of life. But no planet was found in the orbit of the star so far.

But he also told Live Science that there's also more probability that the Wow signal could have come from some natural kind of event.

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