Aliens helping US Navy to build advanced weapons? Book claims well-equipped alien race protecting earth

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A writer named William Tompkins has sensationally claimed that the US Navy is closely working with an advanced alien race named Nordic to protect the earth from reptilian alien attacks. The US-based writer made these startling claims on his book 'Selected by Extraterrestrials.'

A deadly space war going on

In the book, William Tompkins reveals that he was the part of the US Navy in the 1950s and 1960s, and had access to highly classified files. As per Tomkins, he was in contact with US spies in Germany during the second world war. Tompkins added that Nazis were technologically ahead of the United States during those times, as they had mastered the technology of building anti-gravity spacecraft and other out of the world weapons with the help of reptilian aliens.

In the meantime, another alien race named 'Nordic' started helping the United States in their fight against reptilian aliens and Nazis. The human-friendly Nordic alien race provided the US with that advanced technological know-how to beat their enemies.


The 92-year-old writer even claimed that he has designed five spaceships and 30 support ships during his tenure with the US Navy. The designed spaceships include a 2.5km Naval Spacecraft Carrier and a 1.4km Naval Spacecraft Battle Cruiser. Interestingly, the US Navy did complete developing similar aircrafts, but they started building it only after 1970.

Reptilian aliens aiming to affirm supremacy on earth

According to the author, space wars between Nordics and reptilians have been happening right under our nose for the past several decades. The writer also warns that reptilian aliens are getting stronger day by day, and he also urged the US Navy to beef up their security.

The author warned that reptilian aliens are very dangerous, and they used to attack various planets to make the inhabitants their slaves. Apparently, it was the Nordic aliens who came from Orion constellation and are continuously lending their helping hands to fight against reptilian aliens.