Alien hunters claim to have discovered fossils and worms on Mars, are we near alien disclosure?

The discovery of fossils and worms on Mars has made many people believe that space agencies like NASA will unveil details about alien life in the near future

Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens once lived on Mars, and due to a catastrophic event, almost 99 per cent of the life on the Red Planet was wiped out. Adding to the heat of this theory, a team of researchers comprising of astrobiologists, astrophysicists, and biophysicists have claimed to have discovered proof of alien life on Mars.

How did the alien discovery happen?

Mars life
Life on Mars Journal of Astrobiology/NASA

Researchers who took part in the study made the revelation after analyzing more than 3,000 photographs taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. In the controversial study report which is now published in the journal of Astrobiology, the team revealed that they found evidence of lichens, fossils, and other living beings on the Red Planet.

"What we found was surprising. We discovered Martian formations resembling metazoan fossils and observed hundreds of specimens that closely resemble algae and dimpled lichens attached to mudstone. The blue-green algae, known as cyanobacteria were also found in close proximity to what appears to be calcium biosignatures and open-apertures similar to the oxygen-gas vents produced by cyanobacteria as they respire oxygen, a product of photosynthesis," said Rudolf Schild, a Harvard Smithsonian researcher, reports.

The research report also suggested that Mars may have provided a very habitable environment in the last 3.7 billion years. Now known as Gale Crater, this region might have earlier been Gale Lake as it might have been filled with water in the ancient days.

Alien disclosure near?

This is not the first time that researchers are confirming the presence of alien life on Mars. Earlier, Regina Dass, a researcher at the Molecular Fungal Genetics and Mycotoxicology Laboratory, Department of Microbiology claimed to have discovered evidence of algae, lichens, and mushrooms on the surface of Mars.

These two findings have now made many people believe that an alien disclosure is near, and they believe that space agencies like NASA will soon reveal the facts surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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